0104 - The Broca Divide

Hammond:   Captain Carter has thus far extrapolated one set of symbols from the Abydos cartouche that contains these three glyphs.
O'Neill:   Let me guess... that's where we're going?
Hammond:   Very good.
O'Neill:   Thank you, sir! I pride myself on my deductive reasoning skills.

Hammond:   In one hour, you will go through the gate to the planet represented by these symbols. It has been designated P3X797.
Jackson:   Couldn't we call this planet something that's a little easier to remember?
Carter:   Uh... it's based on a binary code the computer uses for extrapolation.
O'Neill:   Which makes it much easier to remember.

O'Neill:   You're late... Put these on.
Jackson:   Doesn't look like my prescription...
Carter:   Thermal night-vision goggles.
O'Neill:   Hey... here's a question: why doesn't the MALP have a set of these?

Makepeace:   I'm real glad it was you who took point.
O'Neill:   Nah... I'm OK. Thanks for askin.

O'Neill:   By the way... how's the wound?
Carter:   Wound?
O'Neill:   I understand you got stabbed in the stomach? Or something?
Carter:   Oh! Yeah... uh, uh, it was nothing. With any luck, there won't even be a scar.
O'Neill:   Good. I was concerned.
Carter:   You were?
O'Neill:   Sure... If it doesn't heal properly, you'll never wear that sweet, little tank-top number again.

- transits since Feb. 11, 2003