0201 - The Serpent's Lair

O'Neill:   OK... Well, I suppose now is the time to say something profound... Nothing comes to mind. Let's do it.

O'Neill:   Owwwwwwww... Gahhh... Ow.
Carter:   Colonel? Sorry, sir. It's just so dark.
O'Neill:   Carter! It's alright... like your attitude.
Jackson:   It isn't dark. We're blind... and we failed.
O'Neill:   Alright, take it easy, Daniel... We've been in worse situations than this.
Teal'c:   Not to my knowledge.
O'Neill:   Thanks, Teal'c.
Jackson:   Right now they're getting ready to wipe out the major cities of Earth. They'll do it from orbit... out of reach.
O'Neill:   Daniel...
Jackson:   Jack, I've already been through this once before. I've already seen this before.
O'Neill:   Daniel, will you relax? You've been through it before and you survived. We're... just having a bad day.

O'Neill:   Carter... If someone comes in here, you just... bite him in the hand.

Bra'tak:   Perhaps when the warships of your world attack...
Carter:   Ahhh... excuse me. Did you say the ships of our world?
Bra'tak:   Surely you have such vessels.
Jackson:   Well... we have a number of... of...
Jackson & O'Neill:   ...shuttles.
Bra'tak:   These... shuttles... they are a formidable craft?
O'Neill:   Oh, yeah... Yeah.... Bad day.

Bra'tak:   Once we launch, we will do what damage we can.
O'Neill:   How many in your Wing?
Bra'tak:   Three.
O'Neill:   ...Three?
Bra'tak:   Teal'c makes four.
O'Neill:   Oh, well... four.

O'Neill:   Alright, here's what we do...
Bra'tak:   I will lead. You will follow.
O'Neill:   ...Right.

Bra'tak:   This vessel is no longer protected by an energy shield.
Carter:   So, that's it?
Teal'c:   That is it.
O'Neill:   I think what the captain is asking is... what now?
Bra'tak:   Now, we die.
O'Neill:   Well, that's a bad plan.

Bra'tak:   Human... put this on.
O'Neill:   Would you please stop calling me 'human'?

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