0214 - Touchstone

Hammond:   Do we have any idea what makes it tick?
O'Neill:   That's why we'd like to go back, sir. Carter wants to get a closer look with some of her... specialized... doohickies.
Hammond:   Doohickies.
O'Neill:   I believe that's the technical term... sir.

O'Neill:   All right... We came here in peace... We expect to go in one... piece.

Ro Hamm:   Then explain yourself. But be warned, if your answers are not satisfactory, then we have no choice but to seek retribution.
Teal'c:   Taking revenge upon us will not return the Touchstone, for we are not those who took it.
Ro Hamm:   Perhaps not, but it will lead us to those who did.
O'Neill:   Only if they care what happens to us. Look... let me give you a little Life Lesson about thieves... they're not really in touch with their feminine side. Caring would be on a low... priority.

Ro Hamm:   How do we know that you will not use the Gate to escape responsibility.
O'Neill:   ...Trust us?
La Moor:   We are a simple People, Colonel. We have no means to protect ourselves from this disaster. If my uncle decides to trust you this day, our entire future will depend on that decision.
O'Neill:   ...OK, that's a little pressure. But we can handle that...

O'Neill:   The... uh... Touchstone was stolen, sir, by people wearing SGC uniforms. They came and went through the stargate.
Hammond:   What? ...Well, who was it?
O'Neill:   ...Everyone involved here would like to know that, sir.

O'Neill:   Anything yet?
Carter:   Not on the Touchstone, sir.
Jackson:   Possibly its effects... have you been watching the Weather Channel?
O'Neill:   I'm more of a C-SPAN-guy.

Carter:   You remember what happened the last time the Gate's power supply was overloaded...
Jackson:   It... jumped to the second gate in the Antarctic.
O'Neill:   Ya... thanks for the memory.

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