0216 - A Matter of Time

O'Neill:   Carter...?
Carter:   Gravity waves. Colonel, I assumed that the wormhole itself would insulate us from the blackhole's gravitational field, but it seems our space-time has begun to warp, just like on P3W-451.
O'Neill:   Will you stop that!
Carter:   We're in trouble, sir.
O'Neill:   Thank you!

O'Neill:   What's the five hours?
Cromwell:   That's how long this facility has been out of contact with the outside world. Pentagon suspects alien hostiles.
O'Neill:   And they sent you?

Cromwell:   So... this is the Stargate. What's the problem?
O'Neill:   Well... we gated to a planet that's being sucked up by a blackhole. Very bad. Very dangerous.
Cromwell:   Why is that?
O'Neill:   Things tend to get sucked in.

Carter:   I took the liberty of closing the Iris, sir.
O'Neill:   Captain Carter... Colonel Cromwell. He's come to rescue us... I wouldn't count on it.

Hammond:   The experts we've consulted believe we're going to have to commence an auto-destruct sequence to destroy the Stargate itself.
O'Neill:   Sweet...

Hammond:   I'm ordering the complete evacuation of the SGC, effective as of right now. I'll need two volunteers to stay behind in order to give our personnel a head start.
O'Neill:   I'll stay, sir.
Cromwell:   Me, too, sir!
O'Neill:   ...Anyone else?

O'Neill:   You got better quick.
Teal'c:   It has in fact been several days.
O'Neill:   Yeah... I knew that.

Teal'c:   Can not the bomb be detonated by remote?
Carter:   It has to be set at a certain distance from the gate and at an exact angle. The timer can't be set until they're in position because of the variance in the time dilation.
Cromwell:   Man... she is...
O'Neill:   Way smarter than we are... I know.

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