0218 - Serpent's Song

Carter:   Sir! We've got incoming.
O'Neill:   Oy...! All right! Dial us up, get us out of here!

Jackson:   He gambled that we would show compassion... even to our worst enemy. He was right.
O'Neill:   You think he orchestrated this? Let me tell ya something: the only compassion I showed is by not blowing his head off.

Jackson:   So... his blood is in the water and all of the other sharks are having a feeding frenzy.
Teal'c:   And he has come here, seeking refuge.
O'Neill:   Well, that's tough. I say we beat whatever information we can out of ole snake-boy, open that gate and toss him back to those sharks.

Apophis:   O'Neill... I am dying.
O'Neill:   My heart bleeds for you.

O'Neill:   What do you want?
Apophis:   To live.
O'Neill:   Can't help you there. That's between you and your god... Oh, wait a minute... you are your god... That's a problem.

Apophis:   Your people... they are still primitive. They will be destroyed.
O'Neill:   You don't look like you're up to it.

Apophis:   There is much you would learn from me Tau'ri. But for that knowledge there is a price... a new host.
O'Neill:   A... host.
Apophis:   So that I may live. In exchange for all the knowledge of the Goa'uld. The secrets of star travel... weapons... of power!
O'Neill:   All that...
Apophis:   In time... more!
O'Neill:   Go to hell.
Apophis:   A single human life is worth so much you would risk a world?
O'Neill:   That's right... That's why they call us the good guys... Doc... Let me know when he dies.

O'Neill:   Well... if he was almost wiped out, how bad could he be now? That was rhetorical, Teal'c.

Lantash:   We can not defend you from the Goa'uld. You can not expect us to.
O'Neill:   We don't.

Carter:   Martouf is right. What we really need to be concerned with here is another assault from space. That's exactly what we're inviting by refusing to hand Apophis over.
Jackson:   Well, we couldn't right now, even if we wanted to.
O'Neill:   Not with Be'elzebub banging at the door... No.

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