0221 - 1969

O'Neill:   Carter?
Carter:   Almost there, sir. This time of year, the direct line between P2X-555 and the Earth takes us within seventy thousand miles of the sun. I have to update the computer's drift calculations to include gravitaional space-time warping.
O'Neill:   We know that! Let's go.

O'Neill:   You know... this looks suspiciously like the butt-end of a Titan missile.

O'Neill:   This is a Top Secret Facility... anonymity doesn't go over big, here.

Thornton:   I'm Major Robert Thornton... And you are?
O'Neill:   Ahem... Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise.
Thornton:   Then your dogtags say otherwise.
O'Neill:   They're lying.

Thornton:   What was the weapon you used?
O'Neill:   ...Weapon?
Thornton:   Our cameras saw some sort of weapon.
O'Neill:   Oh... Well, it's... hard to say.
Thornton:   Some sort of... state secret...
O'Neill:   No... just difficult to pronounce.

O'Neill:   To be honest with you, Bob... My name is not Kirk... It's Skywalker... Luke Skywalker.

Carter:   Sir! Remember to use the hydrogen-alpha solar filter.
O'Neill:   Or I'll burn my eyes out... I know.

O'Neill:   All right... We got one shot to prove Carter's theory... Don't screw it up, Jack!
Teal'c:   Is not astronomy one of your hobbies, O'Neill?
O'Neill:   Not quite on this scale.

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