0222 - Out of Mind

Carter:   Can't we take these things off?
O'Neill:   I don't know... you tell me. Mine's in pretty deep.
Carter:   Yeah, you're right. Pulling them out might cause some pretty nasty collateral damange.
O'Neill:   ...No, we don't want that.

O'Neill:   ...Damn cost cutting...

O'Neill:   Oh... I was so hoping never to see you again.

Hathor:   We are quietly building our forces, before the System Lords even know we are allied. But... doing so is difficult when we have to operate with limited knowledge of the state of the empire.
O'Neill:   Let me take a guess... just a wild guess... That's where we come in, right?

Hathor:   We are prepared to offer you a life of luxury, as servants in our royal court... for sharing information. Deny us... and you will not enjoy the alternative.
O'Neill:   You know... you really should do something about that breath.

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