301 - Into the Fire

Hathor:   I ask you again... which one of you shall be host.
O'Neill:   ...Has her eyes.

Hathor:   It seems that our friend has chosen.
O'Neill:   What? They gray doesn't bother you?

Hathor:   We will destroy you for this!
O'Neill:   We... want you... to just go away!

O'Neill:   Makepeace... Nice rescue! Good job!

O'Neill:   All right, listen up! Something you should know before you start shootin' and killin' and ruining what could be the start of a beautiful friendship... Our beloved Hathor... is dead.
Trovski:   What you say is impossible: Hathor is a Queen. More than that, she is a goddess.
O'Neill:   Yeah, ok... ex-goddess, maybe. I killed her myself. You should trust me on this. She is gone. She is no more. She's... well, let's face it, she's a former queen.

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