303 - Fair Game

O'Neill:   Normally, I'm a man of very few words... zap ...and in conclusion I'd like to say...

O'Neill:   We're in orbit around Earth, right?
Thor:   Yes.
O'Neill:   You know... we have satellites and telescopes... they can see things, like spaceships.

Thor:   We received word of what transpired with your people and the Goa'uld named Hathor.
O'Neill:   She had it comin'.
Thor:   As a result, the Goa'uld System Lords have turned their attention towards you.
O'Neill:   What? For killing Hathor? They should be thanking us. She was planning to overthrow them, you know.
Thor:   Her intentions are irrelevant. Earth has once again proven it can be a formidable threat to the Goa'uld.
O'Neill:   Oh... now we're a threat to them.

Thor:   The System Lords are capable of launching an assault one hundred times more powerful than that which you previously withstood at the hands of Apophis.
O'Neill:   OK... that could be a problem.

Thor:   I have come to offer our assistance.
O'Neill:   Now see, that would be appreciated... I've seen your work and it's great.

Thor:   It would prevent this attack.
O'Neill:   Um... good... um... to be honest with you, I'd rather have a fleet of these ships, here. A few of these babies and we could just... We shou... could try this negotiate thing.

O'Neill:   The fate of the world in my hands... and I screw it up!

SecDef:   I take it you apologized?
O'Neill:   Oh... I tried... they wouldn't see me.
Hammond:   What now?
O'Neill:   Well, Daniel typed up a formal letter... in Goa'uld... and I signed it. That boy can really grovel, when he wants to.

Jackson:   Hathor had the ability to appear and disappear.
O'Neill:   OK, she's dead... right? Please, tell me she's dead.

SecDef:   The president is writing a statement to the United Nations. From what you are telling me, Earth should begin preparing for this onslaught immediately.
O'Neill:   Boy, did this get out of hand.

Cronus:   I am sure... you spared my life only to prevent your own destruction.
O'Neill:   Hey! We didn't do this to you. And we saved your snakey little butt because we want this treaty to happen.

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