307 - Deadman Switch

O'Neill:   Who're you?
Boch:   Aris Boch. Perhaps you've heard of me?
O'Neill:   Uh... Not I... Teal'c?
Teal'c:   I have not.
Boch:   Well, that's disappointing. I'm one one of the galaxy's greatest hunters.
O'Neill:   ...Not ringing a bell. Sorry.
Boch:   Well, I know you. Captain Samantha Carter. Doctor Daniel Jackson. The Jaffa traitor Teal'c. And Colonel Jack O'Neill.
O'Neill:   Well... fancy that... We're famous.

Boch:   Drop your weapons.
O'Neill:   And if we don't?
Boch:   Do we really have to get so dramatic?
O'Neill:   Why not? [Throws combat knife.]
Boch:   You were thinking of the Personal Defense Shield the Goa'uld use... The one which allows slower moving objects to pass through. Wouldn't make a very effective trap, now would they?
O'Neill:   Can't blame a girl for trying.

Carter:   Sir, he's not Goa'uld.
O'Neill:   And... but... so... therefor...?

Teal'c:   Aris Boch has departed this vessel.
O'Neill:   Well... what do you say we use this time to find find a way out of this, huh?

O'Neill:   Teal'c? How fast will this unit fly?
Teal'c:   I believe that it is capable of travelling twice the speed of light.
O'Neill:   Nice... Home for dinner!
Carter:   Ah... sir... If you're thinking of trying to steal the ship and flying it back to Earth, even at 372 thousand miles per second, it would still take up at least ten years to get that far.
O'Neill:   ...Sure let the dog out.

O'Neill:   So... Who shot you?
Boch:   Don't step any closer.
O'Neill:   Just... showing my concern.

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