312 - Jolinar's Memories

O'Neill:   Well, if we're going in on this one, sir, we're going to need a couple more units.
Martouf:   A full military incursion will be impossible, Col. O'Neill.
O'Neill:   We do covert.

Martouf:   Without wanting to sound overly dramatic, the fate of the galaxy may be at stake.
O'Neill:   Sounds a bit overly dramatic.

Carter:   When do we leave?
Martouf:   As soon as you're ready. If you are all sure you understand what it is you are volunteering for.
Jackson:   You said Hell, right?
O'Neill:   Well, I'm gonna end up there sooner or later.   Might as well check out the neighborhood, huh?

O'Neill:   Ship?
Martouf:   There is no stargate on Nehtu.  Those banished there are taken by ship.
O'Neill:   Have I mentioned to you that I hate surprises?
Martouf:   We have a long journey ahead of us. There will be much time to inform you of all the details.
O'Neill:   Ahh... Now, see... that puts me in a position to be surprised.

Teal'c:   Is this vessel equipped with Stealth capabilities?
Carter:   The ship we were in could make itself invisible.
Martouf:   Really?
O'Neill:   It was an upgrade. You're obviously dealing with a base model, here.

Carter:   And there are only four pods...
Martouf:   Correct.
O'Neill:   This counts as a surprise, you know.

Martouf:   Shall we depart?
O'Neill:   By all means... to Hell with us!

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