313 - The Devil You Know

Na'onak:   You shall call me Na'onak no longer. From this day forward I will reclaim my real name: Apophis.
O'Neill:   You do understand we're not too happy to see you.

Apophis:   Then it must also be true that Teal'c is the murderer.
O'Neill:   Oh... that'd wrap things up real nice for you, wouldn't it?

Apophis:   I can deliver us from this place. I have killed the devil's servant... I will destroy So'kar! Those that follow and serve me will be lead to freedom... to a new dominion. One in which the god, Apophis, risen from the depths of the underworld, will rule over all that was once shared by the Goa'uld.
O'Neill:   Well, this experience doesn't seem to have humbled him much.

Apophis:   Major Carter was most forthcoming.
O'Neill:   She didn't tell you squat. Oh, by the way, I won't either.

O'Neill:   They put that damn memory thing on me... Then they gave me something... that reminded me of the '70s.

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