321 - Crystal Skull

Carter:   This is a major find. I have to see this.
O'Neill:   You too?
Carter:   Well... look at these readings, sir. These are leptons.
O'Neill:   Get out!
Carter:   That means something inside this pyramid is slowing down neutrinos. Normally neutrinos pass right through ordinary matter, no matter how dense. I mean, something like five hundred million billion just passed through you.
O'Neill:   'No matter how dense'...

Fraiser:   Colonel, I can only guess the type of effect this type of radiation may have on the human body. I recommend limited exposure. Ten... fifteen minutes at most.
Jackson:   Wait a minute... that's... that's not enough time... I mean, there has to be some sort of radiation suit or ah...
O'Neill:   Hey! If you'd been listening, you'd know that nintendos pass through everything.

Teal'c:   Whomever the builders are, they would appear to be a formidable race.
Jackson:   You could fit every pyramid on Earth inside this thing and still have room to spare.
O'Neill:   Imagine heatin' this place?

O'Neill:   Doc!
Fraiser:   You can protest all you want, colonel, but it'll be a while before you get your strength back. So, relax.
O'Neill:   Oh, come on!
Fraiser:   Ah!! Doctor's orders.
O'Neill:   Napoleonic power monger...

Hammond:   Colonel, there is no greater secret in this nation than the Stargate.
O'Neill:   So... we keep him away from Level 28.
Hammond:   A civilian? Who spent the last twenty years of his life in a psychiatric institution?
O'Neill:   Exactly! Who's gonna believe him if he says anything?
Hammond:   Colonel, you walk a fine line.
O'Neill:   Thank you, sir.

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