411 - Point of No Return

Hammond:   Glad you made it, SG-1.
O'Neill:   Where's the fanfare, General?
Carter:   We did, kinda, save the planet, sir.
O'Neill:   Again... This should not get old, General.
Hammond:   Job well done.
O'Neill:   Thank you, sir... it was... nothing.

Davis:   You're the closest thing to experts we've got.
O'Neill:   As an expert, I'm saying blow it up.
Carter:   Sir, conventional weapons might not do it. At least one of the Replicators survived the destruction of Thor's ship.
O'Neill:   Fine. Tow it back out to sea and nuke it.

Teal'c:   The Replicators are impervious to Goa'uld technology. They are, however, susceptible to human projectile weaponry.
O'Neill:   ...Guns.

O'Neill:   Thor... buddy.
Thor:   Greetings, O'Neill.
O'Neill:   Good to see you up and around.
Thor:   I owe you and your team a great debt of grattitude for saving my life.
O'Neill:   Well... here's timing.

Jackson:   Jack, can you hear me?
O'Neill:   Would it be necessary to mention my insane aversion to bugs at this time?

O'Neill:   Now... that's timing!
Carter:   We came as soon as we could, sir.
O'Neill:   Teal'c? You all right?
Teal'c:   I am, O'Neill.
Carter:   I take it things weren't going well?
O'Neill:   No... we had things in hand...
Carter:   So the Bugs are all taken care of?
O'Neill:   Pretty much... you?
Carter:   Kicked their asses.
O'Neill:   They had asses?

Thor:   The Asgard are most grateful. One day, we shall repay you by helping to fight the Goa'uld.
O'Neill:   'One day'?

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