402 - The Other Side

O'Neill:   You've got that look.
Teal'c:   To which 'look' are you referring, O'Neill?
Jackson:   The one that says 'I have misgivings about this mission, but deep, down I know we're doing the right thing'?
O'Neill:   No... the other one.

O'Neill:   The next time I tell you to shut up...
Jackson:   I didn't hear you tell me to shut up.
O'Neill:   Too subtle for ya?
Jackson:   For once, yes. Would you hear me out?
O'Neill:   Carter? Our standing orders... What are they?
Carter:   To seek new allies and procure technologies to aid in the defense against the Goa'uld.
Jackson:   We came here to help them.
Teal'c:   Is that not what we are doing, Daniel Jackson?
Jackson:   No... ah... Their whole world is in flames and we're offering gasoline. How does that help?
Teal'c:   We are, in fact, offering water.
O'Neill:   Thank you.
Jackson:   I was speaking metaphorically.
O'Neill:   Well, stop it! It's not fair to Teal'c.

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