405 - Divide and Conquer

O'Neill:   Oh... you.
Freya:   You are probably not happy to see me...
O'Neill:   Well, if you're not here to tell me it's all a big mistake, I might be a little glum.

O'Neill:   What'cha doin'?
Freya:   I originally came from a planet where the people were not afraid to show their affection for someone. When we wanted to lo'masham...
O'Neill:   'Cuse me?
Freya:   I believe you call it...
O'Neill:   Something else...
Freya:   Anise, my symbiote, is far more interested in Doctor Jackson on a intellectual level, but she would have to suffer.
O'Neill:   Look... uh... there are so many reasons why this is... wrong. And... weird. And... wrong - did I mention wrong?
Freya:   Is it because I share my body with Anise?
O'Neill:   For starters...
Freya:   Do you not find me attactive?
O'Neill:   Oh... you're... ...Hey! I could blow here any minute!
Freya:   If I were the target, your Za'tark programming would have triggered long ago.
O'Neill:   ...Good point.
Freya:   Is there someone else to whom you are loyal?
O'Neill:   ...Eh... eh... that's not really the point here, is it?
Freya:   I sense that you have been made uncomfortable by my offer.
O'Neill:   No! No... it's just... Well, yeah.
Freya:   I had heard that the humans of Earth had many inhibitions and stigmas surrounding intimacy.
O'Neill:   Yes... Yes, I've heard of that, too. ...There's also the matter of timing.
Freya:   I am so quite hopeful that we will find a way to help both you and Major Carter.
O'Neill:   ...Then maybe you should be out doin' that. What do ya think?
Freya:   Once again, I find myself feeling the need to apologize.
O'Neill:   Oh... no need... We're adults.
Freya:   I will make an effort to learn more about your customs so I will not make you so uncomfortable again.
O'Neill:   Yes... Very good idea, thank you... Bye!

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