422 - Exodus

Tanith:   You will never escape. The System Lords will hunt you down to the ends of the galaxy.
O'Neill:   That guy... is a living cliche.

Teal'c:   Tanith could not have escaped through the Stargate. It has been heavily guarded the entire time.
O'Neill:   Yeah, what? By the same guys who were guarding him in the first place? ...No offense.
Teal'c:   He is out here, somewhere.
O'Neill:   Yeah, well, he's boned without water.
Teal'c:   The symbiote will sustain him for a considerable time.
O'Neill:   Big desert.

Jackson:   Any sign of him?
O'Neill:   Nope. He's still looking.
Jackson:   You guys have been out there for hours already.
O'Neill:   Yeah... it's a Jaffa revenge thing.

Carter:   This is the sun that Vorash is orbiting. It's a regular Main Sequence star with a core temperature of about fifteen million degrees and enough hydrogen to burn for five billion years.
O'Neill:   ...Yeah?
Carter:   We want to blow it up.
O'Neill:   Wow...
Jackson:   That's, uh...
Jackson & O'Neill:   ...ambitious.

O'Neill:   Mayday, mayday... we are so going in!

Teal'c:   The propulsion system and communications may have been damaged beyond repair.
O'Neill:   Uh, that's good... Because according to my calculations, we are roughly in the middle of... nowhere! Give or take.

- transits since Dec. 6, 2002