507 - Beast of Burden

Hammond:   What are you suggesting?
Jackson:   Like I said, I wanted to find out what they wanted with an Unas
O'Neill:   For the record... I don't... care. ...I care.
Jackson:   I also think it might be relevant to investigate how these men got Goa'uld weapons and from where.
Teal'c:   They may have other Goa'uld technology as well.
O'Neill:   Now, see... that I really care about.

Burruh:   Do not fear... it is dead.
O'Neill:   Yeah... shoot something like that in the back a couple'a times...

Jackson:   Jack, it's not his fault.
O'Neill:   Daniel... I'm chained up, in a bad man's barn with a bunch of Unas. Who's to blame is not at the top of my list of concerns. ...Just yet.

O'Neill:   Daniel... dogs sniff each others' butts and they're friends for life. We still keep'em as pets.

Burruh:   Impressive weapon. But not as efficient as a Fire Stick. It seems to stop working after it's been fired for a while. I assume... that's what these are for. Tell me how to make it work again.
O'Neill:   Give it to me, I'll show ya.

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