508 - The Tomb

Jackson:   If they went through the gate before everyone at the Russian base was killed, they could still be out there.
Carter:   It's doubtful they could have survived this long. The planet's surface temperature averages a hundred thrity-five degrees Farenheit... in the shade.
O'Neill:   Shade? ...I don't remember shade.
Jackson:   They could have taken shelter in the temple.
O'Neill:   Oh? ...So they figured out how to open the door?

Hammond:   It's going to be a joint mission, full disclosure, full cooperation.
O'Neill:   May I... ask why? ...Sir?
Hammond:   In fact, the Russians have been pushing for more direct involvement in the Stargate Program for quite some time. We've been resisting, but in this particular case, it might be useful to have them onboard.
O'Neill:   Yes... well, but... General. you know I'm a big fan of the Russians and international relations are a bit of a... hobby of mine... However, I... do believe that SG-1 should handle this one... alone.

Hammond:   Good morning, gentlemen.
O'Neill:   And ma'am... There's a... ma'am... sir.

Zukov:   Is that a P-90, Colonel?
O'Neill:   Fifty-round horizontal clip... nine hundred armor-piercing rounds per minute. Feel the weight of that sucker.
Zukov:   Impressive... though I preffer the Russian M-85.
O'Neill:   Those are made in Yugoslavia, aren't they?

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