509 - Between Two Fires

Travell:   Colonel O'Neill, please know that we have not dismissed what you have done over the last few years for the Tollan People.
O'Neill:   Don't mention it. We appreciate everything you've done for us... too.

Hammond:   Narim gave you no other indication that something was wrong?
Carter:   No, sir. Everything was fine.
O'Neill:   For a funeral.
Jackson:   I do have to admit it was strange to see so few people there.
O'Neill:   Hey! ...You knew him. What's strange?

Travell:   Shall we get down to business? The Curia met this morning, as I indicated, and the topic was our policy of sharing technology with Earth. In an odd way, Colonel O'Neill, the unfortunate death of Omoch has proven to be advantageous for you.
O'Neill:   Well... then I guess I'm both... sad and happy.

Travell:   We would like to propose an exchange...
O'Neill:   Ahhh... the sound of the other shoe...

O'Neill:   OK... you need trinium. Why not go get some?

Travell:   I have temporarily deactivated security in this room. Normally everything is recorded and I wish to speak confidentially without repercussions.
O'Neill:   ...Off the record?

O'Neill:   OK... um... in exchange, we get...?
Travell:   A Tollan Ion Cannon.
O'Neill:   One of those... big... honkin' space guns that shoots... Goa'uld ships out of the sky?
Travell:   Yes.
O'Neill:   ...Cool.

Narim:   As you know, another world once destroyed themselves because we shared our technology with them. That's why we have so strongly resisted sharing what we know with more primitive societies.
O'Neill:   You know, we'd prefer 'less advanced'... if you don't mind?

Hammond:   How many do we need to set up a proper protective net around the entire planet?
Carter:   ...Thirty-eight... minimum.
Jackson & O'Neill:   Thirty-eight?
Carter:   To provide total, global coverage? Yes, sir. And that's not including back-ups.
O'Neill:   It couldn't hurt to ask, sir.

Hammond:   Colonel... under the circumstances...
O'Neill:   If you're going to recommend, sir, that I continue to be suspicious and skeptical...?
Hammond:   I wouldn't waste my time.
O'Neill:   Good thinking, sir!
Hammond:   Just remember that this deal could change the course of our history.
O'Neill:   So... Don't blow it?
Hammond:   What you're sensing as trouble could be simple internal political wrangling.
O'Neill:   I understand that.
Hammond:   ...Or, we... could be walking into a minefield.
O'Neill:   ...Thank you, sir... These little chats of ours always bring me great joy. And serve to... ease my mind.

Narim:   Greetings. Chancellor Travell has asked that I personally escort them the rest of the way.
O'Neill:   That true?
Narim:   No. I heard you had arrived back on Tollana to meet with Chancellor Travell again.
O'Neill:   Yeah... Uh... we're gonna ask for a whole whack of space-guns.
Narim:   This is much worse than I thought.
Carter:   Narim, we understand why you're concerned, but those Ion Cannons could save Earth one day.
Jackson:   You'll just have to trust our people aren't going to blow each other up with them.
O'Neill:   And... if we do, we won't blame you... promise!

Carter:   What are you saying?
Narim:   The system is flawless... it just doesn't happen.
O'Neill:   No... What are you saying!

Jackson:   Mind if I ask what you need the trinium for?
Travell:   Trinium is combined with a number of elements to create a compound that is used in various Tollan technologies.
O'Neill:   Do you people practice being vague?

O'Neill:   How do you know this is Narim's house? They all look the same?
Jackson:   Cause that's Narim.
O'Neill:   You're good!

O'Neill:   What'cha readin' there fella?
Teal'c:   Tollan Curia records.
O'Neill:   Don't wreck it for me...

Hammond:   Do we have any idea what the Tollan are going to do with the trinium?
O'Neill:   Lots and lots of very interesting and... unspecific things.

Narim:   It's impossible... there is no way...
O'Neill:   Narim? Will you get your head out of your ass?

Narim:   The security systems prevent...
Jackson:   Travell was able to turn them off in her office.
Narim:   Why would she do that?
O'Neill:   So she could talk to us. ...Off the record.
Narim:   That is a severe violation of the governmental conduct code...
O'Neill:   Gee... What a shock.

O'Neill:   That's the thing that lets you walk through walls, right?
Narim:   Yes.
O'Neill:   Got a couple extra layin' around?
Narim:   That would be a violation of...
O'Neill:   Good. How about weapons?
Narim:   Colonel O'Neill...
O'Neill:   Just in case.

Narim:   How did you find me?
O'Neill:   You're the one wearin' gray.

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