514 - 48 Hours

Carter:   Sir, are you OK?
O'Neill:   Oh... a couple stitches, concussion, nausia, dizziness... The usual.

O'Neill:   Can I help?
Carter:   Well... in order to overcome a lack of a DHD, we had to create a proper interface between the Gate and our computer. We generated a series of instructions based on electrical impulses to which the Gate's control crystals would respond. Now, these were found mostly by trial and error over a great deal of time. What we need to do now is find a series of impulses that will instruct the Gate to override one of its primary functions...
O'Neill:   ...Can I get you some coffee?

Hammond:   Colonel... Go home.
O'Neill:   ...Ah, I'm all right, sir. I just got five minutes of quality sleep.

Maybourne:   If Simmons used a regular NID plane to visit our snake-head, then the flight plan was registered.
O'Neill:   Wouldn't that be... stupid?

O'Neill:   How do we save Teal'c?
Goa'uld:   Why should I tell you?
O'Neill:   Because if you don't, I'll kill you.
Goa'uld:   I doubt that.
O'Neill:   What makes you think I care if you live or die?
Goa'uld:   What about the host?
O'Neill:   He tried to kill a friend of mine to save his own ass. So I don't much care about him, either.

Carter:   Teal'c, as far as you know... what just happened?
Teal'c:   I have my revenge... Tanith is dead.
O'Neill:   That's nice... I'm happy for you.

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