603 - Descent

O'Neill:   What are you smiling at?
Quinn:   It's just that it's my first time... in space.
O'Neill:   Ahhh...
Quinn:   We'd only begun to consider the possibility of space travel... to actually be out here, is... It's amazing.
Teal'c:   Indeed.
O'Neill:   Until... something goes... horribly wrong.

O'Neill:   Jonas? Stay here with Teal'c.
Quinn:   I don't understand...
O'Neill:   I'm sorry... Stay here.

Carter:   Jack... are you seriously considering salvaging this ship?
O'Neill:   Why, yes I am, Jacob.
Carter:   This ship belonged to Anubis.
O'Neill:   Excellent.
Carter:   What if it's some sort of Trojan Horse?
O'Neill:   Well, apparently, they did it wrong.

Carter:   Ahh... Sam, you really had me worried.
O'Neill:   Tell him I take back everything I was thinking when I was under water.

Carter:   His mind took over the computer?
O'Neill:   Way to go Thor!

Carter:   Jack, this ship is never going to fly again. I'd say having the Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet owe you one is more valuable.
O'Neill:   Yeah... Alright. Next mother ship we keep. OK?

Carter:   Here he is.
O'Neill:   Sure ya got all of him in there? He's a smart guy, you know.

O'Neill:   No pressure, Carter. Plenty of time.
Teal'c:   On the contrary.
O'Neill:   Lots... lots... of time.

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