608 - The Other Guys

O'Neill:   So, T... who you takin' to the Cup?... Lord Stanley's Cup? Hockey. Remember with the ice and skating? We went to a game last year.
Teal'c:   Indeed... I believe the Canucks of Vancouver are superior warriors.
O'Neill:   Canucks, eh?... So, lunch?

O'Neill:   Progress professor?
Felger:   Definitely. Yes. Big stuff going on here... big. I can give you a full report, if you want?
O'Neill:   Save it for Carter. We just came for the fine cuisine.

Teal'c:   Are you nearing the completion of your research?
Felger:   Well... uh... it may need a few more days yet.
O'Neill:   What's your time frame there?
Felger:   Mm... a day or so, you know. But then you guys get right back to saving the world again... for the seventh time.
Teal'c:   Eighth.
O'Neill:   What? You're counting?

Quinn:   So what now?
Teal'c:   We wait.
Quinn:   Shouldn't we be trying to escape?
O'Neill:   Oddly... no. Won't be long.
Quinn:   Before what?
O'Neill:   Oh... some overdressed, over-the-top bad guy floats in gloating about whatever ee-vile fate awaits us... Wait for it... See?

Hu'rak:   Colonel O'Neill... Major Carter... So-called greatest of all Tau'ri warriors. And the sho-va, Teal'c. You I'm not familiar with.
O'Neill:   He's new.
Carter:   Who are you?
Hu'rak:   I am Hu'rak, First Prime of Lord Khonsu of Amon'shek.
O'Neill:   Very impressive... Got a resume?
Hu'rak:   I captured you.
O'Neill:   Yes... right... you did. Well done. You got the job.

Felger:   Colonel O'Neill!
O'Neill:   Felger?
Felger:   Oh, Colonel O'Neill... are you alright, sir?
O'Neill:   What... are you doing here?
Felger:   Stand easy... We're here to rescue you.
Carter:   Did he say 'we'?
Felger:   That's right. I have Coombs with me.
Coombs:   Hi!
O'Neill:   Why, look everybody! He's got... Coombs with him.
Felger:   You can thank us later. Right now we have to get you out.
O'Neill:   Felger! Just what part of 'gate home' did you not understand?

O'Neill:   Hey, Hu'rak? What? No gloating? Take some pride in your work, son!

O'Neill:   You, know... this whole 'imprisoned' for our own 'protection' is getting a little 'old'.

O'Neill:   Arghhhh... Crap... I hate that... thing.
Hu'rak:   Now that, Colonel O'Neill, is what I call pride in my work.
O'Neill:   Good job.
Hu'rak:   I want names, colonel, of all the Tok'ra hiding in Anubis' ranks.
O'Neill:   Oh... ask Khonsu... Oh, wait! You can't... you killed him.
Carter:   He's not lying. Our orders were to make contact Khonsu. That's it. Any information you want died with him.
O'Neill:   Forget it, Carter... He's just the warm-up band, and he knows it.
Hu'rak:   No matter what you have endured, you have never experienced the likes of what Anubis is capable of.
O'Neill:   You ended that sentence with a preposition... Bastard!

O'Neill:   Alright... look, professor... this little stunt of yours does not excuse the fact that you disobeyed a direct order - from me - twice! Do it again... I'll shoot you!

Felger:   I can't believe that I'm here... with you... like this... it's...
O'Neill:   Ya... I'm having the same problem.

O'Neill:   Now... is there anything else we need to discuss?
Felger:   No... sir. No, sir. I'm to stay in this very spot. Even if I see you writhing in agony, calling my name.
O'Neill:   Exactly.

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